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The Med In Town concept ...

Digital is magic ...

Because it is now possible to create a "digital twin" of a patient from CT scan or MRI type imaging, the doctors of tomorrow will be able to perform part of the procedure without the need for the presence of the patient.

This is already the case in Surgery with what is called operative planning. This makes it possible to simulate the fitting of the prosthesis, thus making it possible to determine a unique fitting material, adapted to the morphology and pathology of the patient.

... technology is advancing ...

Additive manufacturing is a production method allowing the manufacture of complex parts while limiting itself to the consumption of the necessary material.

This technology allows the mass production of unitary parts allowing the customization of parts while ensuring a short production time. The input data of the machine being the raw material and the computer file to be produced ...

... and the environment must be our priority!

Because we believe that manufacturing in France and delivering to Australia takes time, generates risks and unnecessarily consumes fossil fuels, we want to be able to develop "Cloud Manufacturing" allowing the production of parts as close as possible to their place of use.


3D printing in the hospital?

It's possible !

Our 3D printing MicroFactory transforms files into Medical Devices (MD) that can be used in the operating room. The complete solution integrates the entire production flow necessary to obtain polymeric DM.

Our nomadic solution makes it possible to consider producing directly in the hospital. Thus creating an opportunity to personalize care and reduce hospitalization times.

Being on site thus makes it possible to recycle plastic MDs, creating an ultra-short production / use / recycling cycle.

Finally, the proliferation of MicroFactories allows MD manufacturers to create a “cloud manufacturing” production strategy.

Don't hesitate to click on the MicroFactory logo to visit it !

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